About Paraglide Canada

About Paraglide Canada. Who is Glenn Derouin?

Glenn Derouin started to teach paragliding in Canada in 1989 after receiving his own instruction during the early days of the sport in France. At the time Glenn was a competitive sky diver and skier.

Glenn first owned Rocky Mountain Paragliding in Canmore Alberta and later was a partner in Rainbow Riders which combined rafting and paragliding operations. During this time Glenn first started to work with the British Army in providing adventure program training and paragliding instruction to soldiers. Glenn was successful in operating this contract for eight years.

In the late 90’s Glenn moved his operation to the Okanagan Valley where he felt the weather, terrain, long season and various sites offered a spectacular setting for a broader range of teaching activities. At this time Glenn renamed his company to Paraglide Canada. He continued to work with the British Army for several more seasons and conducted international paragliding tours in the off-season. Glenn has flown and guided in places all over the world including Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Canada and the USA.

Over the past 25 years Glenn has been a Canadian dealer for several well-known paragliding equipment manufacturers including Paraflight Birdwings in the early days and later, UP, Edel, Sol, Advance, NOVA, High Adventure, Woody Valley, Charly, Lazer, Fresh Breeze, Flytec and more. In 2010 he became a distributor for Ozone wings to complement his long-standing offerings of excellent wings by ADVANCE.

Glenn Derouin is a Seasoned Adventure Sports Enthusiast:

  • Former competitive skier/skydiver (Competed in Europe on the Canadian Paraski Team).
  • Active skydiver (over 900 jumps).
  • Former professional ski patroller.
  • 28 years as paraglider pilot (former competitor on the Canadian Team at PWC)
  • Senior HPAC paragliding flight instructor and tandem paragliding pilot & instructor.
  • Former paragliding program developer and instructor for the British Army adventure training program.
  • International paragliding tour organizer & leader, has flown across the world.
  • Trained in fixed wing light aircraft.
  • Paramotor pilot and world record holder In paramotoring distance.
  • World traveler and international motorcycle touring enthusiast.
  • Active road/mountain bike rider and all-around “fitness freak”.


World Record Achieved in Australia

Glenn Derouin achieved a New world record in paramotor flight – distance record 8250km in 2 months, set in Australia, Winter 2012.