Offering Fresh Breeze & Nirvana Paramotors to the Canadian Powered Paragliding Market…

Fresh Breeze Paramotors

Fresh Breeze Paramotors

We import & supply Fresh Breeze paramotors to the Canadian market. Please call for details and prices:

Call: 1-250-503-1962 Email:

Fresh Breeze Paramotors



Nirvana Paramotors

Paraglide Canada is very pleased to provide the Nirvana line of paramotors for sale in Canada. Paraglide Canada chose Nirvana owing to the company’s history and experience, manufacturing track record and their demonstrated dedication to quality customer service and concern for safety. Contact Us for complete information on availability and pricing.   Nirvana Top 80NIRVANA TOP 80 (Single Hoop Frame) The Top 80 is currently the lightest paramotor available from our product range. Price per unit: Single Hoop Frame $6,200 + Shipping

Nirvana Top 80 Double HoopNIRVANA TOP 80 (Double Hoop Frame) Price per unit: Double Hoop Frame $6,600 + Shipping  

Nirvana 360 TrikeNIRVANA NV360 The NV360 comes on the Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike. Price per unit: COMING SOON!

nirvana-colibri-smallNIRVANA COLIBRI The Colibri – another exceptionally light paramotor in our product range. Price per unit: $6,900.00 + Shipping

nirvana-instinct-hlNIRVANA INSTINCT HL The Instinct has new aerodynamic design, a coherent structure. Sophisticated details and new materials. Compatible with other NIRVANA products. Price per unit: $12,800.00 + Shipping

nirvana-instinct-clNIRVANA INSTINCT CL Check out the NEW Nirvana Instinct CL Price per unit: $10,700.00 + Shipping

nirvana-rodeoNIRVANA RODEO The Simonini tuned engine is completed by us and fitted with our peripherals along with a tuned exhaust also fitted by us and in combination with the PULSE composite propeller can cope with a pilot of any weight and is also possible to use for tandem flights… Price per unit: $7,800.00 + Shipping

Call or Email Paraglide Canada for more information, availability  and current pricing on all models.

Call: 1-250-503-1962 Email: