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Latest addition to the Paraglide Canada,
Instructor/Tandem Pilot Team…

Edmond Rivère and Tandem Passenger




Edmond Rivère

I have been teaching paragliding for the last 16 years, giving lessons to new pilots as well as tandem flights.  Flying is still a passion and I love sharing the pleasure of taking off and soaring like a bird. It is a always a great feeling to see my feet slowly leave the ground, to sit in my harness and to look at the scenery from a high vantage point.  Our latest equipment allows us to fly long distances and to safely introduce the sport to new student pilots.  My solo wing and harness weigh only 4 kgs and they have allowed me to climb many beautiful mountains and peaks in the Canadian Rockies, the Alps and the Andes and to fly down back to the valley.  It is not just a sport it is also a way of life.