Pre-flight Checklist & Safety

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Even though paragliding is usually a relatively safe sport, it can become dangerous when people start getting lax about their pre-flight prep and launch.

It’s also not just novice pilots that make dangerous launching mistakes. Even the most seasoned pilots can become complacent after years of flying. The bottom line is there is just no place for this in our sport. We all have to make sure we properly prepare to fly – for our own safety and those around us.

When preparing students for solo flying and teaching them the proper steps for pre-flight and launch prep, we teach this (which is a good refresher for all of us):

  1. Check the weather conditions to be certain that they are suitable for your skill level. If you are unsure, ask some experienced pilots for advice. If they tell you not to fly, listen to them. If you are alone and you are not sure if you’ll be able to fly safely, don’t. It’s really that simple. Better to err on the side of caution and live to fly another day.
  2. Check your harness and make sure all buckles are done up securely and none of the straps are too loose or wearing through.
  3. Check your wing and lines for continuity and ensure lines have proper routing and aren’t wrapped around anything
  4. Lift the wing and check it by looking up at it. Accelerate yourself and the wing simultaneously to launch speed, keeping the wing balanced above your head. If the wing is not good, abort the launch if it’s not recoverable and reset.
    If it IS good, make sure your wing is laid open into the wind and run until your feet leave the ground.
  5. DO NOT SIT DOWN EARLY once launched. Instead, concentrate on a safe flight path for those first 30 seconds (because they are the MOST dangerous). Keep your wing stable by leaving your flight deck alone and keeping your arms up while you SMOOTHLY transition into your seat.

Once you’ve done all this and you are positive that your flight path is safe and you are in control, then it’s safe to check your flight deck and relax into a fun, safe flight.

It’s important to remember that the majority of paragliding accidents and mishaps occur in that first 30 seconds after launch and most of them are preventable with a good pre-flight check and plan.

Have you made a launching mistake that taught you a valuable lesson? Feel free to share it with us! The more we hear people’s stories, the more aware and safer we all become!

Top Landing: Always add tools to your flying tool box!

In the sport of Paragliding, it is essential to continue to challenge yourself to keep adding new flying tools to your Flying Tool Box. If you stop challenging yourself to learn and grow, you become complacent or you continue to reinforce poor flying habits that can (and often do) result in serious injury. If you are unsure of how to do something or you want to try something new, ask an experienced pilot for advice, for help, or for mentoring. We can teach you all sorts of skills at our school, but you can also just ask any experienced pilot who you click with to help you learn how to be a better pilot.

Skilled pilots make the skies safer for everyone!

Top Landing is a great example of adding skills to your tool box. Learning how to assess the landing conditions and how to top land safely will make you a better pilot and could save your life (or your buddy’s).

Here are five benefits of learning how to Top Land:
1) It’s always good to challenge yourself with new skills and not let yourself or your skills become complacent;
2) If your buddy has a mishap up top and no one else is up there to help, you can Top Land and provide assistance;
3) If the landing conditions below are squirrelly and a gust front prevents you from landing safely at the bottom, you can Top Land and wait it out;
4) You can safely travel from mountain top to mountain top and explore or hike around before taking flight again. Or, better yet, Top Landing is excellent for Bivy Flying (flying from mountain to mountain and camping);
5) You’ll win cool points with your flying buddies and they’ll all want to be like you. 😉

Here’s one of our instructors demonstrating a top landing up on Mt. Baldy!

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First Solo Flight for Student at Paraglide Canada!

Lauren was SO nervous! Shaking, actually, so it was a good thing that her dad, Jerry (who also happens to be our lead instructor) was there to help her through it with his calm and confident energy!

Those first few flights are nerve-wracking and there are so many details to remember that it can get a bit overwhelming and cause the student to freeze up, so it’s really important that our instructors stay chill, but also assertive enough to break through the haze.

We’d call this launch a complete success and Jerry and Lauren were so happy to share in such a cool experience together!

Thinking about learning how to fly with Paraglide Canada? Give us a call and we’ll fill you in on the entire process!

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2016 flying, lessons and tandems in full swing…

paraglider turningWe’ve been treated to some fine flying weather in the first half of April this year. If you’re thinking about learning to fly or just want to take an thrilling tandem discovery flight, now is the time!

Call me to find out about new equipment arrivals including reversible Hike’n Fly harneses, The Advance Lightness 2 Pod Harness and the Advance IOTA series -an exciting new wing from the uncompromising Swiss supplier – Advance.

Need a new steerable or light weight reserve parachute or want a repack? Give me a call.

Tel : 250-503-1962
Cell or text : 250-308-9389

Call or Text to Fly Tandem! 250-308-9389

P.O. Box 1888, Vernon, (visit the contact page for a map)
British Columbia, Canada,
V1T 8Z2;

The 2015 Paragliding Season is On!

Glenn Derouin - Owner Paraglide CanadaFreshly back from travel and flying adventures in New Zealand and Australia during the winter months of 2014/2015, lessons and tandem flights have already begun in earl April at Paraglide Canada. Contact me now to ask about the lessons and clinics. Come by and view a great selection of gear including wings, harnesses & accessories. Also have a selection of quality used gear in stock.

Call or Text to Fly Tandem! 250-308-9389

P.O. Box 1888, Vernon,
British Columbia, Canada,
V1T 8Z2;
Tel : 250-503-1962
Cell or text : 250-308-9389

Another Happy Student…

Read this satisfied customer endorsement of Glenn Derouin’s instructional program.

From: Norm Krcmar
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:59 AM
To: Glenn Derouin
Subject: A little thank you.

Glenn I was planning on writing a thank you and well, I finally got around to it.
This thank you is for the wonderful introduction into the paragliding world you gave me. Your skills and knowledge made my paragliding experience not only rewarding and safe, but gifted me the desire for the amazing pleasure and Zen-like experience free flight provides. Your skill is obvious; your teaching style works for me and because of this, I always felt safe under your instruction and was rewarded with a great experience during all my flights. This safety continues today as I practice your instructions and techniques on every launch. As a novice pilot having this safety and preparedness drilled into me is making each new flight a rewarding one.

My story:

Pilots taking it easy after flying all day
Pilots relax on the lawn at Paraglide Canada after a day of flying.

With the encouragement of some amazing friends, last year I decided to pursue something new, this thing called paragliding. I was encouraged by their constant vibrating energy and beaming smiles every time paragliding came up in conversation. Their relentless talk about the amazing flights and experiences they had that day, last week or…..what seemed to be every flight, was influencing my decision (at first I didn’t even realize it). Knowing these friends were active in this flying community, confirmed for me that others would be engaging, supportive and fun. Everyone I’ve met so far has been exactly that. I have been so fortunate here as not knowing what the community was like may have led to not trying the sport, as from the outside it seems dangerous, isolated, and unknown.

Well I made the right choice, I was rewarded many times over with these same grins and exhilaration I’d paid witness to for the years prior. My only question I’ve ever really asked myself since I began was “Why did I wait until now”? This sport is addictive, intoxicating, and for me a special time that I can spend among amazing people, letting go of all other aspects and matters in life, and just having the freedom to enjoy myself.

For each pilot I imagine this freedom manifests for them in the way it’s supposed to and they leave each day quenched of their thirst but with a hunger that requires more of this nourishment tomorrow. I guess you could say it provides spiritual nourishment as well, for me time para waiting is a great time to self-reflect, and those glass off evening flights expose the world is such a beautiful color, smell and reflection that I’ve found my mind hitting some corners in my head otherwise untouched.

Each flight brings a new experience, a new hunger for more and I owe my friends, my instructor, and my own safety for that. I made the right decision.

Thank you.
Norm Krcmar

SIV course Aug 10th 11th 12th 2013

Come fly and learn from the best . Years of teaching and running SIV courses with Hundreds of pilots learning how to fly better. We offer 2 certified experianced instructors 1 on launch and 1 in the boat to train you on the latest manouvers over the water. 3  flights per day from beautiful 4500ft mara lake launch . We have a great rescue boat,   flotation devices,  air conditioned ride to launch and shade tent on launch . Equipment check , pre flight breifing and debreifing each day togive you the most from your flight and learning , come fly with us and feel secure and safe in your learning !  Call for your booking 250 503-1962


New Epsilon 7 has arrived !

The much awaited Advance epsilon 7 has arrived and can be demo’ed . This has been the best selling glider ever for Paraglide Canada as it follows in the E6 footsteps , which was well received when it came out and still is a great wing . The Epsilon 7 is a beautiful designed wing . Design , materials and characters are top notch and will compete with the Sigma 8 in performance with still staying in the EN B catagory . Feed back from owners already is great wth some nice XC flights coming in and personal best flown on it … fly on !  Come test one today and see what your missing !