Gear For Sale

We have lots of inventory in stock, please call if you need something.

Reserves in regular and light weight sizes

Peppercross light 90kg, 110kg
SQR 100kg, 120kg
SQR light 100kg, 120kg
Beamer Light 100kg
Beamer 100kg
Beamer 130kg


Advance Impress4 Large
Advance Easiness3 Large
Advance Easiness 3 Medium x 2
Advance Lightness3  Medium
Advance Lightness3 Large
Advance Success5 Large
Advance Success5 Medium

Skywalk Cult Large
Skywalk Breeze Permair Medium


Advance PI3 21m
Advance PI3 25m
Advance Iota2 28m used
Advance Sigma 24m
Advance Sigma 26m
Advance XI 25m
Advance Xalps 22m

Skywalk Chili 5 Medium
Skywalk Arak Air Medium
Skywalk Spice 2 Medium

Demo, Used and school wings available as well. Just ask.

Lightweight Bags, concertina and compression bags, Skywalk and Advance Clothing and merchandise.