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Japan Tours Feb 2024

Hello Pilots. Still thinking about Japan? Disappointed with what Santa brought you? Need to get flying and out of the rain? I’m taking deposits for this years amazing Japan trip. Flights are dropping in price and the tour is shaping up to be our best yet. So what are you waiting for?


Updated information:

The tour dates are being merged. So you can do your 7 day or 10 day tour by joining us any dates between Feb 16 and Feb 28th.  Enjoy some skiing before or after, travel to other areas in Japan, or find a beach to relax.


Paraglide Canada is now booking Japan tours for February 2024.


Feb     16-28 - 7 or 10 night/day, arrive on 16th leave on 29th

P2 minimum pilot level is required.



What to Expect

Visiting Japan is sure to be in your top destinations travelled and there is no better way to experience Japan and its beauty than while Paragliding. We have made arrangements with local guides to provide this unique cultural tour of Japan where you will have an opportunity to see areas not on the typical travel guide list.

Our trip will see us visit areas in the South and SE of Tokyo with opportunities to visit National Gardens, Shrines, Tea farms, Onsens, and more so hopefully you can join us for this incredible time.


What to expect on Tour:

Meeting new friends, incredible food, cultural experiences, and of course great flying. We recommend you arrive a few days early or stay extra days and travel to other areas of Japan on your own to take the experience to another level. There is just so much to see and do and the options can see you skiing one day and on the beach the next.

If you extend your stay your paragliding gear can be shipped/stored with a Takkyubin to the airport securely while you continue to travel. Details here:

Keep in mind when booking flight and travel times** The approx. travel time from Tokyo to our Paraglide tour meeting site is 2-3 hours (by Shinkansen train)


This trip is friendly for non-flying partners as well and we are happy make arrangements for this. Please request further information if this interests you.


P2 minimum pilot level is required.    


Tour Costs:                            

Feb 16-29    

7 days. $2350 Can

10 days  $2950 Cdn


Additional days can be added if you wish to stay longer on the tour for a daily rate.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 4.11.12 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 4.07_edited.jpg

Tour Includes


  • Accommodations (Japanese style shared rooms) 

  • Private hotel/family style accommodation is available for additional nightly rate. (Must be pre-booked and may not be available in some locations)            

  • Guiding/Coaching - Local Japanese Guides/Instructors, Site Coaching and orientations each day for each site visited. 

  • HPAC Senior Instructor to provide coaching to improve and progress your flying skills.

  • Daily launch site and pilot fees (Japan pays daily site fees and rides to launch)

  • Transportation (Transport to and from launch. Daily flight plans will be set for XC with retrieve options, but some XC flights or out-landing flights may require bus/taxi/train to arranged pickup spot).         

  • Welcome dinner/BBQ - Japanese BBQ and drinks.

  • Beverage cooler, non-alcoholic (available in shuttle while on the road)                


Not Included:                

  • Airfare to Japan (Tokyo), Airport Transfers, Train transfers

  • Hotels and transportation prior to start of tour and after

  • Health, travel and personal insurance (Medical costs, care or transport)            

  • Food, Drinks, Alcohol - Most mornings and evenings we do grocery shopping or visit a local restaurant for a delicious meal.


You should bring:

  • Full paragliding kit (wing, harness, reserve, helmet, comfortable backpack) most launches are drivable but there are some hiking options for those so inclined.

  • Reserve packed within the last six months.

  • VHF radios. Japanese pilots use UHF but for the tour we can use our VHF.

  • Unlocked phone with Japanese SIM or eSim is required, they use the LINE app so we can help add you to the pilot groups for comms. 

  • e-sim can be purchased here -


Each tour is limited to 6-7 pilots on a first deposit basis, 50% deposit. Once tour is full deposit is only refundable if your place is filled.Full payment due 15 days prior to arrival.


Current Covid Restrictions: There are no current restrictions                                


Please note all travel comes with risks. Reservations for these tours means you are aware of those risks, and you have insurance and plans in place. We will be doing what we can to make the trip a great experience, but cannot protect you from all possibilities.                

You are responsible for your own plans, property, flying and transportation alternatives with appropriate travel and health insurance. We do not recommend traveling if you are in any elevated health risk group, if you book, you accept all risks.                


Further Tour information can be emailed upon request. Feel free to contact or 250-899-3683 to book your trip.    

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