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Frequently asked questions about Paraglide Canada

  • Why should I choose Paraglide Canada for my flight training?
    Paraglide Canada has 3 private launch sites located just a couple of kilometers from our flight centre. All sites are ideal for teaching. A gentle lower launch is perfect for your first few flights, then we progress to an upper launch. From both upper and lower launch you will land in our large landing area below. Paraglide Canada has access to four local flying sites, so no matter the wind direction, we invariably always have a launchable site. Our short turn around time allows us to be back on launch within 9 minutes maximising your airtime throughout the day and making the most of your valuable time.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Here are a few essentials: Light hiking boots/shoes Windproof jacket Light weight gloves (mountain biking/mechanics gloves) Suntan lotion Long pants Water bottle and snacks Smart phone and laptop (if possible) for online log book
  • Do you offer equipment for sale?
    Yes! Paraglide Canada has a full range of new and used equipment for everybody's budget.
  • Do you have accomodation?
    Yes! We offer camping in the yard, hostel style accomodation, with kitchen and shower and local hotels just 10 minutes away in the Vernon area.
  • What is your weather like?
    The Okanagan Valley is the premier fruit and wine growing region of BC primarily because of the excellent weather in the area. Long sunny days, calm winds and warm temperatures makes the Okanagan Valley a meca for paragliding not only in BC but the whole of North America.
  • Will I get to meet Cooper?
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