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Glenn Derouin

Glenn has been involved in paragliding in Canada since 1989.  With a background in skydiving, skiing and rafting, for eight years he gave paragliding instruction to the British Army.  He established Paraglide Canada in the Okanagan Valley in the late 90's and has guided many international paragliding tours in Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and the USA.  Over the last 25 years Glenn has been a paraglider dealer for several manufacturers  as well as finding time to become a world record holder for paramotoring distance.  As a senior HPAC instructor and tandem paragliding instructor, you can be sure that by choosing Paraglide Canada for your flight training, you'll be on the path to achieve your goals!

The Flight Centre

Paragliding Canada Flight Centre is within minutes of several excellent flying sites!

The flight centre for Paraglide Canada is a converted acreage near Coldstream BC. It is roughly halfway between Vernon and Lumby on Highway 6 (East of Vernon). Acquired in 2001 and outfitted to appeal to students and visitors with converted buildings, a landing zone and a beautifully groomed ground handling area.

At day’s end, pilot groups often meet at the property to unwind and participate in a friendly game of volleyball or just to enjoy a few beers and swap stories.

The acreage is at the base of Vernon Mountain (excellent South, SW, and SE launch site) on the north side of Highway 6. The centre is 5 minutes away from The King Eddy training site and the King Eddy soaring hill (West facing) which is managed by Paraglide Canada under and agreement with the owners of the Coldstream Ranch.

Just 30 minutes away, is the excellent Cooper’s launch area (East facing) near Lumby. Mara Lake (west facing mountain launch) is approximately 1.5 hours north of the flight centre. It is possible to launch at Mara Lake and fly all the way back to the Paraglide Canada flight centre on a good XC day!

This centre is ideally situated to take advantage of various launch areas with minimum travel time. Check the weather and pick a site – they are all only a few minutes away. As the wind changes during the day simply pick another site. Free Wi-Fi on site for staying up-to-date with weather forecasts and updating your status online.

Your safety is our first priority.  Throughout the whole course, we repeatedly address safety, even during ground handling.  Paragliding, like other adventure sports, does have some risk, we try to mitigate these risks with our attention to safe practices and continuous professional advice throughout your course.

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6857 Hwy 6, Coldstream,
British Columbia, Canada,   V1B 3H1

Office Tel : 250-503-1962
Cell or text  : 250-308-9389
Email: glenn@paraglidecanada.com



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