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Japan Tours Feb 2024

Hello Pilots. Still thinking about Japan? Disappointed with what Santa brought you? Need to get flying and out of the rain? I’m taking deposits for this years amazing Japan trip. Flights are dropping in price and the tour is shaping up to be our best yet. So what are you waiting for?


Updated information:

The tour dates are being merged. So you can do your 7 day or 10 day tour by joining us any dates between Feb 16 and Feb 28th.  Enjoy some skiing before or after, travel to other areas in Japan, or find a beach to relax.


Paraglide Canada is now booking Japan tours for February 2024.


Feb     16-28 - 7 or 10 night/day, arrive on 16th leave on 29th

P2 minimum pilot level is required.

Tandem Paragliding and Paragliding Lessons.  Learn to Fly, P1 and P2 Novice in the Okanagan,  just 10 Minutes from Vernon and only 50 Minutes from Kelowna BC

Okanagan Tandem Paragliding near Vernon BC
Fly Tandem in the Okanagan Valley near Vernon BC
Paragliding Lessons in the Okanagan Valley near Vernon BC - P1 and P2 Courses
Learn to Paraglide in the Okanagan near Vernon BC
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Now Included!

Come fly with Paraglide Canada in Vernon , experience Tandem Paragliding above the beautiful Okanagan, or take Paragliding Lessons and earn your wings to fly solo across Canada and beyond!

Tandem Okanagan Paragliding near Vernon BC
Okanagan Paragliding Lessons near Vernon BC
Okanagan Tandem Paragliding_Vernon_BC.jpg
Learn to Paraglide in the Okanagan near Vernon BC
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