Paraglide Canada was founded by Glenn Derouin in 2001 when he moved his school from Canmore to the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Having been a student of Glenn's, Norm purchased the company in 2020 and continues to build a school known for its exceptional training and great flying conditions. We have a great team of Instructors ready to help you follow your dream to paraglide with the best gear in the industry and at the best training site you can get.

The Flight Centre

Paraglide Canada is a HPAC (Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada) approved school with Senior Level Instructors and a team of Lead instructors who have a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills, that put together ensures you are trained at the highest levels. Paraglide Canada is within reach of several excellent flying sites, and, depending on conditions and wind direction we have 3 sites to choose from for flying and training.

Our primary flying site, the King Eddy soaring hill (West facing) is managed by Paraglide Canada, under agreement with the owners of the Coldstream Ranch. This is the only private practice, launch and landing area in Canada, and has operated for the last 25 years. In fact our West facing location is the best site in the Okanagan for training, as it faces a large open valley, and has a safe approach and accessible landing field for pilots. With consistent, safe and predictable conditions for flying, we can do a complete P2 Novice Pilot program achieving all high flights with a 10 minute drive to launch. It is our belief that if we are learning to fly in mountains, then our training should be at mountain launches so that at the end of the course you are best prepared to be a competent new pilot.

Paraglide Canada is the longest running school and training site in the Okanagan, boasting an extended community of pilots throughout Canada and overseas.

Paraglide Canada's classroom and gear shop is located conveniently in Vernon BC, and is roughly 15 minutes from our flying site. Paraglide Canada also offers accommodations to our students and pilots visiting the area. We are happy to provide camping, individual or family room rentals, and a fun space to hang out and learn about Paragliding. All the comforts of home and air conditioned class room makes learning a breeze. Please email for further information on our room rates.

At day’s end, pilot groups often meet back at the property to unwind, prepare food or just to enjoy a few beers and swap stories from the amazing day. It’s very common for experienced pilots to have flown a fair distance on a good XC day, so there is often a debrief and learning to be had while relaxing on the deck.

This centre is ideally situated to take advantage of various launch areas with minimum travel time. Check the weather and pick a site – they are all only a few minutes away. As the wind changes during the day simply pick another site. Free Wi-Fi on site for staying up-to-date with weather forecasts and updating your status online.

Your safety is our first priority.  Throughout the whole course, we repeatedly address safety, even during ground handling.  Paragliding, like other adventure sports, does have some risk, we try to mitigate these risks with our attention to safe practices and continuous professional advice throughout your course.