Beginner Thermal Flying Clinic | 2 Days

Beginner Thermal Flying Clinic | 2 Days

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The theory and practical skills to take thermals to a higher level. P2 rating or higher with minimum of 50-60 flights is recommended to get the most out of it, but if you are eager to learn this will provide you with a foundation to build skills off at any pilot level. This course covers theory and coaching during flights to augment and grow your skills quicker and more thoroughly than you can on your own.  More up and less down. By taking this opportunity to build off of your experience with instructor guidance and knowledge that could take years to put together.

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“Paragliding is a sport that demands excellent training, and Norm and the team have it down to a fine art. Paraglide Canada consistently graduates skilled, safe and conscientious pilots in a low-pressure and welcoming environment (a rarity in the paragliding world!). The school’s classes are well structured, the pace of progression is perfect and the sense of achievement and adventure has, for me, been unparalleled. From my first my flight, to participating in advanced XC camps and bespoke international flying trips, it's been a joy to be part of the community, and I unequivocally recommend Paraglide Canada to prospective pilots. This is without question Canada’s premier training ground for free flight.” - Devin Anderson, Squamish Search and Rescue