April & May News

April & May News

Hey Pilots!

Paraglide Canada is now open for the 2024 flying season - April to October.

It is great seeing spring conditions already upon us and many of you out flying. As an update for those interested, here are a few of our events and courses being offered this spring.

X-Alps weekend (May 18-20): Off the success of our Red Bull X-Alps 2023 adventure, James Elliot and Canada team members will host a presentation and bbq hosted at Norm’s house by donation. Further details will be made available but please plan to come out, meet James and team, and take part in the discussions and learn more about what it takes to conquer such an incredible challenge. For the rest of the long weekend we will be flying and have the option to do some lessons learned from X-Alps and you can get a chance to fly with James weather permitting. May 18th BBQ is at 4pm, Presentation at 6pm. 

P1/P2 Training: Upcoming courses in May. June and July are still being scheduled. See upcoming P1/P2 Training dates here.

July 3-10 Visiting Japanese Pilots: We are looking for volunteers (A per diem will be paid) to fly XC with pilots and help with driving and retrieves. Please contact us if you can help.

Thermaling 2 Day Weekend Course: This is a very intensive 2 Day course where new pilots who may be struggling will get all the theory and practical we can get through. If you’re wondering why you just can’t get that climb, then this is the course for you. See upcoming Thermaling course dates here.

Instructor 2 & 3 Day Courses: This is for pilots who meet the qualifications of instructor or who need recerts or tandem training taught by HPAC Senior T2 Instructor. May 10-12 Instructor, May 11-12 Instructor Recertification, May 11-12 Tandem Recertification. June date to be announced as well. Contact us for more info. 3 day Course $600, 2 day Instructor recertification $400,  2 day tandem $600

More courses will be announced on our website in the next weeks.

This year in addition to our group courses, we will be doing private training for individuals as well. If you are interested just send us an email, info@paraglidecanada.com and we can provide more details for each course and options. We are happy to arrange additional times if these calendar dates do not work for you, just ask.

Gear Sales: We have brought in many paragliding brands (Advance, AirDesign, Flow, Gin, Naviter/Oudie, PHI, Skywalk, SupAir, Woody Valley, XCTracer) wings and harnesses for you to be able to check out and sit in prior to purchase. Being properly fitted in your gear is what we offer and as each brand fits different you will get the right gear when shopping here. If you are looking for gear there is a good chance I have it in stock here in Vernon.

We hope you've a great start to your season and as always, we appreciate your support of our small business, and look forward to helping you achieve your paragliding goals in 2024!