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P1 Online Ground School


We are super excited to offer our online training for the theory part of the P1 Ground School.  This can be completed in advance, prior to your first day at the school and help expedite to an early start of the practical, hands on side of ground handling, because it's only when you're consistently performing well with the ground handling, that we'll let you fly!  The theory is important and your instructor will test your knowledge as well as going over some of the more important lessons.

Blank Certificate.jpg

Having completed the theory for the ground school, we will issue you with a certificate as a record of your online course.  You will now have all the theory knowledge required to write the P1 Test on arrival at the Paragliding School, as well as the theory required for your first solo. This will save valuable time inside the classroom and devote more time outside ground handling and probably get you airborne sooner.  Furthermore, these lessons are what we use and refer to at our school.  The subject matter complies with the syllabus laid down by HPAC, so you are assured of standardized, relevant instruction at our school.

You can also logon at anytime and refresh your knowledge of certain parts of the theory, or revisit particular lessons with your instructor.  Click the link below to get started!

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